Game keeps restarting on iOS 8.0.2

[Post New]by Phibetakitty on Sep 29, 14 9:48 PM
I just downloaded the game to my iPhone 5s. I had previously played it on my iPod 4th gen with no problems. But on my iPhone, the beginning of the game keeps restarting over and over. I finish the first HO game and collect the dolphin whistle. Then it goes right back into the cut scene where Deloris gives me the portrait medallion. I have tried playing through the beginning again, but it keeps repeating at the same spot.

I have rebooted the phone, and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. I hope that someone can help me!


Re:Game keeps restarting on iOS 8.0.2

[Post New]by Scuppit0 on Oct 1, 14 2:59 PM
I have the same problem on my IPad Air. I gave reinstalled the game twice and tried switching off the machine, all to no avail.


Re:Game keeps restarting on iOS 8.0.2

[Post New]by Phibetakitty on Oct 1, 14 6:35 PM
I heard back from Big Fish customer support. All they gave was a link to all the trouble-shooting I have already done, and info on how to get a refund. I don't want a refund, I want to play the game!

I really enjoyed the previous Fierce Tales episode about the dogs and I was looking forward to another high quality game. Games with all the qualities that I look for are not that plentiful!

Most important to me are beautiful high-res graphics that don't pixilate when you zoom in.

I like hidden objects that quietly disappear when found, with no huge fanfare (pretty sparkles are OK.)

Punishments for wrong clicks are equally annoying.

Returning to a hidden object scene and seeing objects that were previously found I consider an insult to the player's intelligence.

Then there are qualities that come under "playability," such as: smooth transitions between scenes, preferably with a button just for that purpose so that you aren't inadvertantly switched to another scene when clicking anywhere in the lower inch of screen. A map that lets you travel. And something I really enjoy in the newer games is a special object to find in each new scene.

I am also won over when it becomes apparent that the developers love cats, dogs, and other furry creatures. I pay the full cost immediately when I come across a cute kitty or beautiful husky, or see that the game is created by a favorite developer such as Ers or Vogat. How I wish that the App Store would allow you to search for games by developer!

I don't know how this post turned into a semi-rant and/or appreciation for HO adventure games, but I hope that at least it may be in a place for one or two other fans to notice and read. Many thanks.

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