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Tournament FAQ

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Oct 1, 14 12:17 PM
Hey Everyone

We’ve put together a resource of information on the tournaments to help answer some frequently asked questions:

No registration is required to enter a tournament. To qualify, you only need to be level 8 or higher in the game. To enter a tournament, just click on the tournament icon on the bottom right corner of the game.

On the main game scene, an envelope will show up that will let you know when the next tournament is about to begin. This envelope will also let you know if you’ve won anything in a tournament you participated in, and it’ll also let you know that the tournament has started.

When you enter the tournament lobby, you’ll see the timer counting down to the next tournament. When the countdown ends, a “Play” button will show up. The first time you play can be done for free, but any other attempts will either be paid for or you can wait until the cooldown time has passed. It’s pretty similar to playing a standard HOS scene in the game itself.

When you play, you’ll see 3-5 doors in front of you. You’ll need to go through each door, one at a time, and play the HOS behind each one. All doors must be opened.

After finishing the HOS, if you’ve collected enough tokens, a wheel will come down. The wheel will give you the chance to increase your score, and you can choose to spin with 3 tokens. Please keep in mind, the wheel also has negative numbers, and landing one of those can lower your score. This is entirely a matter of chance.

If you don’t want to spin the wheel, you’re not required to spin. If you choose to spin or not, you’ll click “Submit” to enter your score in the rankings and find out where you are in the standings. After submitting your score, you can either wait for the cooldown period to pass for another free round, or you can pay diamonds to skip the wait.

Tournaments last a set amount of time. When they’re done, they’ll end regardless of if you’ve finished all of the HOS. If you’ve won any diamonds, these will be available when the tournament is over, and they’ll be awarded right away. In the tournament screen, the “Play” button will become a “Get Reward” button. From the main area of the game, the envelope will let you know if you’ve won something.

The standings and prizes from one tournament will be displayed until the next one begins.

Happy Gaming!


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