Is the any hope of a sequel?

[Post New]by gillianchansam on Oct 4, 14 1:52 AM
I love this game so much - I've played it a gazillion times and its one of my older games on my list - is there a chance of a sequel, ever?


Re:Is the any hope of a sequel?

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Jan 19, 15 7:21 AM
Hi. I love it, too, but the developers aren't making PC games anymore. They're only developing games for mobile phones and tablets these days. I like a lot of their games, but I don't play them on my phone or Kindle. It's just not as fun to play games like this on a small screen. Every time I replay this game, I marvel at how gorgeous the gardens are. They did a fantastic job on the design.

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