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Adding/Removing Challenges in scenes

[Post New]by annibelle1 on Oct 4, 14 11:32 PM
A glitch? or is Big Fish using the distortion mirror on my thinking? Let me explain!
I have been using the challenges some throughout the game. Most of the time I don't use all 4 at one time. I am needing to use the eclipse on the Venetian Street scene. I had at some point used 4 of the challenge however, now I can't seem to add or take one away to use the challenge of the elipse. I also seemed to have trouble when I created it because the ring disappeared. I created another and had the above problem with replacing the challenges with another one. At one point I also remember a section that showed all of the challenges/summons It also showed what you had and could add. My game is not showing this now? Maybe I need a refresher on adding the challenges and removing them to make sure this isn't a senior moment...a glitch or I just forgot what to do all of a sudden? Help me out if you have a clue.

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Re:Adding/Removing Challenges in scenes

[Post New]by DivaDoodle on Oct 5, 14 8:43 PM
Hi Annibelle, you just need to click the plus or minus key to add or take away a challenge. so if its not letting you maybe try to re-install the game again. your files should be safe as they are located in a different area on your computer. if that doesnt help then I would make a ticket to the teckkies with a dr felix report attached.
hope it will get fixed!

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