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Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 2...E thru Gnomish)

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Oct 6, 14 3:46 PM
Part 2...

Earth Fairy Rune Dawnshadow Lake
Emerald Gemleaf Earrings Coral Cove
Emerald Slippers Dawnshadow Lake
Enchantress Sacred Grove
Enchantress' Lamp Coral Cove
Engraved Mandolin Skyfleet Docks
Engraved Shortsword Stone Circle
Exotic Shamisen Black Bull
Exotic Tanto Black Bull
Face Flower Petals Gnome Village
Fairy Brocade (White) Dreamless Pond
Fairy Dragon Egg Forgotten Glen
Fairy Estoc (Sword) Druid's Hut
Fairy Music Box Dreamless Pond
Fairy Queen Card Forgotten Glen
Fairy Queen's Portrait Mystic Copse
Fairy's Twilight Book (The) Dawnshadow Lake
Faita Conclave Fairy Crest Dawnshadow Lake
Fire Fairy Rune Ancient Pond
Fireblossom Passion Flowers Rosetum Gardens
Firesilk Dress Dawnshadow Lake
Forestleaf Amulet Mystic Copse
Four-Leaf Clover Honey Druid's Hut
Fresh Frogwart Sacred Grove
Glass Slippers Gnome Village
Glittering Cape Dreamless Pond
Glittering Dust Mystic Copse
Glitterstone Bracelet Glitterstone Mines
Glitterstone Gem Glitterstone Mines
Gnomish Tribal Armor Druid's Hut
Gnomish Tribal Headwear Druid's Hut

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Re:Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 2...E thru Gnomish)

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Oct 7, 14 11:47 AM
Hey there

Just popping in to let everyone know this thread, as well as the others can now be found in the Helpful Links For Awakening Kingdoms thread for your convenience


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