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Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 3...Goblin Thru L)

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Oct 6, 14 3:53 PM
Part 3...

Goblin Bevel Glitterstone Mines
Goblin Carpenter's Crest Central Station
Goblin Chainmail Armor Stone Circle
Goblin Civil Service Crest Central Station
Goblin Clockwork Crossbow Gobholme
Goblin Diplomat Crest Glitterstone Mines
Goblin Duffel Bag Goblin Mines
Goblin Engineer Crest Gobholme
Goblin Herringbone (Gear) Central Station
Goblin Music Box Goblin Mines
Goblin Rune of Alloys Glitterstone Mines
Goblin Rune of Crystals Mystic Copse
Goblin Rune of Mechanicals Dawnshadow Lake
Goblin Rune of Mining Central Station
Goblin Rune of Precision Gobholme
Goblin Sprocket (Gear) Gobholme
Goblin Spurs (Gear) Gobholme
Goblin Textile (Brown) Goblin Mines
Goblin Tower Shield Glitterstone Mines
Goblin Trader Crest Gobholme
Goblin Worm (Gear) Rosetum Gardens
Golden Oak Bow Rosetum Gardens
Grace Totem Druid's Hut
Griffin Card Fairy Dragon Nest
Griffin Feather Rosetum Gardens
Griffin Figurine Fairy Dragon Nest
Hard Scales Fairy Dragon Nest
House Orwen Crest Apricus Plaza
House Tragyn Crest Rosetum Gardens
House Valeryn Crest Coral Cove
House Villaude Crest Mystic Copse
Human Leather Armor Druid's Hut
Inlaid Main Gauche Treasure Vault
iridescent Scales Fairy Dragon Nest
Iron Ingot Dreamless Pond
Jade Moonflower Fairy Dragon Nest
Jewel Egg Mystic Copse
Jeweled Bracelet Sacred Grove
Jeweled Kris Treasure Vault
Keen Longsword Aileah Tor
King Plushie Rosetum Gardens
King's Portrait Coral Cove
Laira Conclave Fairy Crest Apricus Plaza
Lavender Honey Stone Circle
Leafy Dress Rosetum Gardens
Leather Bag Goblin Mines
Leather Cape Moonfell Chamber
Leo Amulet Central Station
Libra Amulet Central Station
Life Fairy Rune Fairy Dragon Nest
Lone Centaur Book (The) Black Bull
Loyalty Totem Aileah Tor
Luminous Dust Dawnshadow Lake

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Re:Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 3...Goblin Thru L)

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Oct 7, 14 11:49 AM
Hey Everyone

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