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Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 4...M thru P)

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Oct 6, 14 3:54 PM
Part 4...

Maple Honey Stone Circle
Medical Human Rune Rose Garden
Medicinal Honey Aileah Tor
Meditative Brooch Gnome Village
Metal Skullcap Stone Circle
Metallurgical Human Rune Ancient Pond
Mini Centaur Druid's Hut
Mini Knight Aileah Tor
Mini Rogue Stone Circle
Mini Squire Stone Circle
Mini Tribal Druid's Hut
Miracle Totem Druid's Hut
Mirror of Illusion Rosetum Gardens
Model Goblin Train Black Bull
Moon Card Dawnshadow Lake
Moon Fountain Tea Mix Gnome Village
Moonstone Amulet Forgotten Glen
Moonstone Pendant Forgotten Glen
Mystic Gemshorn Treasure Vault
Mystic Harp Black Bull
Namia Conclave Fairy Crest Coral Cove
Noble Brooch Central Station
Noble Crystal Armor Aileah Tor
Oceanic Human Rune Forgotten Glen
Opal Slippers Sacred Grove
Owl Sage Feather Dawnhope Cavern
Paradise Pendant Dawnshadow Lake
Pearl Earrings Rosetum Gardens
Pink Moonflower Dawnshadow Lake
Pisces Amulet Skyfleet Docks
Pocket Dragon Egg Fairy Dragon Nest
Pocket Dragon Plushie Mystic Copse
Pokegon Music Box Moonfell Chamber (Exp)
Puppet Ada Mystic Copse
Puppet Byk (Worker) Ancient Pond
Puppet Emi (Female) Fairy Dragon Nest
Puppet Fairy Clockwork Apricus Plaza
Puppet Jop Rose Garden
Puppet Jyx (Female) Fairy Dragon Nest
Puppet Kip Gnome Village
Puppet Mol (Female) Ancient Pond
Puppet Patrick Dawnshadow Lake
Puppet Rae (Female) Forgotten Glen
Puppet Ryz (Male) Forgotten Glen
Puppet Sophia Apricus Plaza
Puppet Trx (Female) Rose Garden
Puppet Xim (Male/actor) Ancient Pond
Puppet Zyk Coral Cove
Puppylove Flowers Rosetum Gardens

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Re:Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 4...M thru P)

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Oct 7, 14 11:49 AM
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