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Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 5...Q thru S

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Oct 6, 14 3:56 PM
Part 5...

Quartz Bracelet Glitterstone Mines
Queen Plushie Forgotten Glen
Queen Sophia's Crest Rosetum Gardens
Queen's Portrait Rose Garden
Radiant Dust Rosetum Gardens
Ragner's Greenbow Glitterstone Mines
Ran Plushie Ancient Pond
Reigning Star Gem Rosetum Gardens
Ring of Protection Rose Garden
Royal Crested Helm Stone Circle
Royal Jewel Box Treasure Vault
Royal Music Box Dreamless Pond
Royal Red Cape Dreamless Pond
Ruby Gem (Apple) Mystic Copse
Ruby Jewel Box Apricus Plaza
Ruby Ring Fairy Dragon Nest
Ruby Slippers Dawnshadow Lake
Rugged Cape Goblin Mines
Rune Bone Bracelet Gnome Village
Sage Honey Druid's Hut
Sapphire Jewel Box Black Bull
Scarlet Moonflower Rose Garden
Scrying Eye Amulet (The) Coral Cove
Shimmering Dust Apricus Plaza
Shimmersilk Dress Coral Cove
Silk of Nobility (Red) Moonfell Chamber (Exp)
Silver Guard Falchion (Sword) Stone Circle
Silver Ingot Goblin Mines
Silver Jewel Box Black Bull
Silverleaf Pendant Central Station
Skycrystal Blade Aileah Tor
Skycrystal Earrings Ancient Pond
Skycrystal Guardian (Shield) Dawnshadow Lake
Skyward Castle Snowglobe Apricus Plaza
Snow Gossamer Dress Rose Garden
Snow Kisses Flowers Apricus Plaza
Songbird Egg Rose Garden
Songbird Feather Sacred Grove
Sophia Plushie Ancient Pond
Sophia's Bow Dawnhope Cavern
Sophia's Earrings Coral Cove
Sophia's Portrait Forgotten Glen
Sophia's Signet Ring Dawnshadow Lake
Spirulla Fungus Dawnhope Cavern
Statue of Power (Pyramid) Apricus Plaza
Steel Ingot Goblin Mines
Sun Card Ancient Pond
Sun Tambourine Skyfleet Docks
Sunhook Spire Mobile Rosetum Gardens
Sunstone Pendant Gobholme
Sylvan Pendant Ancient Pond
Sylvia Conclave Fairy Crest Fairy Dragon Nest

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Re:Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 5...Q thru S

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Oct 7, 14 11:51 AM
Hey Everyone

I've added this really great resource to the Helpful Links For Awakening Kingdoms thread, along with the other lists for quick finding!


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