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Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 6...T thru Z)

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Oct 6, 14 3:58 PM
Tales from the Exodus Book Treasure Vault
Tanned Hide Shield Glitterstone Mines
Tapestry of Change Coral Cove
Tender Touches Flowers Apricus Plaza
Tourist Bag Moonfell Chamber (Exp)
Traveler's Belt Treasure Vault
Traveler's Compass Black Bull
Traveler's Hat Skyfleet Docks
Traveler's Spectacles Apricus Plaza
Traveler's Spyglass Skyfleet Docks
Unicorn Feather Sacred Grove
Unicorn Figurine Rose Garden
Unicorn Horn Blade Skyfleet Docks
Veira Conclave Fairy Crest Coral Cove
Vigor Totem Stone Circle
Virgo Amulet Treasure Vault
Vitality Brooch Dawnhope Cavern
Water Fairy Rune Dawnshadow Lake
Whispering Lily Flowers Coral Cove
Winged Officer Helm Aileah Tor
Wise One Amulet Dawnshadow Lake
Witch Card Mystic Copse
Witch's Tower Jigsaw (The) Skyfleet Docks
Wooden Jewel Box Skyfleet Docks
Wooden Music Box Moonfell Chamber (Exp)
Woolen Rug (Gray) Goblin Mines
Woven Gold Earrings Dawnshadow Lake
Woven Goldvein Dress Apricus Plaza
Yellow Moonflower Rose Garden
Young Princess Book (The) Skyfleet Docks
Yura's Blessing Amulet Coral Cove

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Re:Alphabetical List of Locations (Part 6...T thru Z)

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Oct 7, 14 11:52 AM
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