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Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by catbag8717 on Oct 7, 14 1:36 AM
A thread for your reviews!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by LovetoMissLisa on Oct 7, 14 4:51 AM
Well, I guess I'll be the first to review this game. We have different taste and likes...and we're all allowed our opinions. I like this game alot! And it's so nice to get a beautiful and fun SE for a change. Yes, some things are bit out dated...but overall very well done. IMO

I think this game it charming and colorful and well worth adding to my library of games. I would prefer more benefits....such as Widescreen/More options on difficulties/Map/and the voice over acting to be better. But for a's well worth a try & for sure and a buy for me.

I'm not a huge fan of the animated character acting...but this game has other things...that make up for the lack of things missing. IMO

Lately in the newer CE's...they have so much going on...that it's refreshing to have a game that is simpler...but just as enjoyable. Nice job Developers and Thank you Big Fish.

I rate this game: "PIGLET" Especially for the talking adorable Pig in it.

“These are my terms for Hogs, I Hogs, frogs & Adventure games.

The absolute best of the best! It has everything you want in a game and things you didn’t know you wanted in a game.
It is a rare beauty and a must have! Beyond expectations! I really love it!

Great game! Best graphics and storyline. All the bells and whistles! The best and greatest of games! I love it!

Good game. I like these little gems! This game is for true lovers of these types of games.

May be a likable game for some, but not for everyone.

Don't run away with this pig’s foot.

Rolling in the mud! Don’t go near it or you'll get soiled.
‘ ‘


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by bfgGlithui on Oct 7, 14 5:12 AM
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

Review Guidelines

1) Be sure to keep your reviews on-topic. Reviews in this thread should only be commenting on Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness.
2) Be respectful of the reviewers. Please keep in mind our Forum Rules and be respectful of our reviewers. They take the time to post here to be helpful. Please do not review the reviews of others.
3) Do not respond to someone else’s reviews with questions or comments If you have any feedback about a review, or you feel that a review contains incorrect details about the game, please contact the poster directly via PM.
4) Do not review developers. While we do appreciate your feedback, we’d ask that you keep your posts in this thread dedicated to the specific game at hand.

When posting reviews please be courteous and refrain from posting spoilers. If in the event that a spoiler is needed, please remember to post with white text and a warning. .

*Moderators will be removing any content in this thread that is not a review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by Jurinne on Oct 7, 14 11:30 AM

I really wanted to like this game, even though it's about fairies and princesses and all that glittery stuff. I was put off almost immediately by thoughts of slavery - that really bothered me, more than the lack of power the protagonist (a princess) has over the castle staff. I realize this is just a game, but...

OK, I forged on ahead. The graphics are beautiful.

There is a jump-map.

The music is...well, I didn't notice it so it's not something that touches my soul but it also doesn't make me want to scream and mute it immediately.

The hint button doesn't take that long to recharge and the skip button actually recharges quickly - which is good because this game has one thing going for it and that is it is chock-full of HOPS and puzzles and they are pretty good. I will not agree that what is called a FROG was actually a FROG. I think the developers cheated by calling it that. It is simply a task to find a lot of one item.

The HOPS have morphing objects in them. I've always liked that and was happy to see it here.

There is a somewhat-cutesy helper.

What did me in was the lack of logic:

When I won't go somewhere because it's too dark and I have an unlit torch, what is the logical thing for me to do when there are TWO fires close at hand? Do I do that? No. Instead I go through an extremely complicated series of steps in order to obtain something which might light the torch.

And then evidently I am too frail to move little stones which are covering a little rope - a rope so small that a fairy can lift it.

Then there is the lollipop which is huge when stuck to a statue but shrinks down to a miniscule size later. Yes, a lollipop which is given to an animal which probably would not eat it in a million years (I know because I've had several of those animals as pets).

I can't go on, no matter how pretty the graphics and the great HOPS or IHOPS or whatever the heck they are called now, not even if there are real FROGS in the future (I love FROGS!).

The logic is so bizarre that I'm staring at the screen in shock and trying not to laugh. I know people put a lot of work into this game. But good grief!!

So, I'm sorry but it's a no-buy for me.

I hope others love this game and enjoy playing it.

Happy gaming!!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Oct 7, 14 1:43 PM

Today we have an entry from a new dev, "Boris" "Godunov," and the game is truly "good enough" for an SE but not CE ready. Actually it is better than most SEs on this site and actually better than Saturday's horrible offering I will "sing" some praises on your game but will also give you some of my own thoughts which may or may not agree with others on this site. In other words I will be nice to you.

Sorry Boris - but you are actually being hindered by this being the SECOND SUGARFEST in a row by BF. Really BF - how many of these sugary delights do you think we can endure before we all get nauseated?

This is a FORMULA GAME: There is a hero or heroine coming to the rescue against some evil force with the help of a cutesy "helper with the story being played out in a fairy tale book format used for puzzles and HOP scenes.

STORY: You play the queen with a baby kidnapped by an evil wizard. This evil wizard is somehow in league with your husband. Magnus, a good wizard, is helping you defeat this evil villain. Your husband is turned to stone and you must come to the rescue and save the day.

LEVELS: There are only two levels, acceptable in an SE. There is also a bonus section as well.

GRAPHICS: For a new dev - the graphics are wonderful. There is beautiful artwork throughout.

HOP SCENES/INVENTORY/PUZZLES: The HOP scenes are basically junk piles in combination with locating items within a fairy tale. The inventory is not interactive. The puzzles I encountered were sequential and a variation of "100 Doors."

SOUND OF/AND "MUZAC:" The voiceovers are well done. The music is not distracting to the game.

EXTRA GOODIES: You collect crowns. You can receive six achievements. There is also a map which transports you and indicates active areas.

COMMENTS: First - get rid of the "formula" along with the stupid "helpers." Some of us are tired of fairy tales and "helpers" in all of the games. Second - look for inspiration from EIPIX, to me, the best dev on this site. Their games are truly "works of art." And guess what? THEY DO NOT USE HELPERS IN THEIR GAMES and utilize a wide array of themes and consistently receive 5 stars for their games.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Oct 7, 14 2:17 PM
Hi all. Hmm, what can I say about this game today...For what it is, the graphics aren't too bad, although quite cartoon-like in movements. It is best to not have a mouth move if all it does is go up and down (food for thought). Colors were very bright and true. Did not have any problem with game play either. I did like the voice overs, but they were very few and far between. Not a lot in the sound FX department either. Music was rather soothing and nice. Did not care for the really bland jump map, although it was easy to follow. Yes, you have a helpful fairy to reach those unreachable places, but she is very quiet and not bothersome.

I was all set for a nice SE with collectibles, but this one fell a little short of my expectations. The collectibles were very easy to spot and not a challenge at all. I like the morphing object within the HOP, although making it an item you are looking for really leaves no challenge because you know what you are looking for. Puzzles were not difficult, but a couple did take me a minute to figure out. There are way more puzzles than HOPs in this one and the skip button takes too long to charge for me. The hint is helpful, but again, it takes a while to charge.

As usual, the story is predictable and moves way too slowly. The one thing I really didn't care for was the font they used for the dialog...pretty, but not easy to read. This game does have an old feel to the graphics, but it flowed well. All that being said, this was not a bad game, just needs some upgrading to give it a little more umph. For some unknown reason, I want to get this game and play it out...silly me. Yes, I recommend this game for a lazy, do nothing day.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by FORTUNATUS on Oct 7, 14 11:16 PM
Short & sweet review:

I liked it and will purchase with a credit.... it is original in many respects such as the details and mini games as well as the mechanics and I loved the graphics as they weren't too cartoony nor too icky [my technical word for trying too hard to be something it's not as many games are now].... thankfully this game knows it's a casual game yet offers a bit more and HOW could I resist a baaaby in some of the first scenes.... nice, and the dragon, to me, was rather spooky versus silly or, again, trying too hard.

So, this game so far (per the demo only), is 'just right'.... a nice, inspired casual adventure game... yeah, I liked!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by twinsoniclab on Oct 8, 14 9:21 AM
I am so happy to see a new game from the developer of Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond!- The Untold Story!

I found a nice mix of HOS and puzzles, not heavy on one over the other. The HOS are very nicely done, as are the PUZZLES. I enjoyed the puppet show immensely! I had a bit of trouble locating the collectibles, which is a good thing. I appreciate that there are more than one type. I get bored looking for 180 eyes or 95 coins (especially if we are to purchase cat toys with them!), but several sets of fewer is fun. It's one of the things I enjoyed in the last game.

Alas, there is a helper, and sparkles on the hardest mode. But, I have been assured (Thanks Boris!) that the next game will be sparkle free if desired! The helper wasn't too obnoxious, as she needs no clothing or food, and we don't have to outfit a room for her!

I loved the piggy bank couple! A touch of humor in an otherwise serious themed game is always welcome (like the delightful elderly lady and her Mr. Hickory in the last game!).

Great job. And if I seem to mention Demon Hunters a lot, it's because it's a very good game! If you haven't played it, I encourage you to check it out!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by Penguin29 on Oct 8, 14 3:35 PM
Short and sweet - Really great game.. enjoyed at the way till the end - and then, a bonus... love it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by roaming on Oct 9, 14 10:53 PM
dancemom1 wrote:There are way more puzzles than HOPs in this one and the skip button takes too long to charge for me. The hint is helpful, but again, it takes a while to charge.
Those women and little girls who are fond of sweet fairy tales, teeny tiny fairies with butterfly wings, and talking piggy banks will love this game. I'm much more than 11 years old, and I dislike all of the above, especially talking piggy banks, so I'll skip it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Oct 11, 14 3:06 PM
Wow a SE game with a bonus. I loved this game. even though you saved her husband who betrayed her.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here!

[Post New]by yowzasma on Oct 13, 14 2:37 PM
I Enjoyed this game very much even though I'm not really familiar with this Developers gameplay. It only took a little while to get the feel of it.
I especially liked the morphing objects in the hog scenes

The storyline was good and when the little touches of humor ( the little piggy ) brought a grin to my face , music unobtrusive and the colors were bright minigames were ok (I skipped a couple)...I did not remember to look for all the collectables though but did find all the apples ... The little Fairy was doing her job without me having to remember to use her

With the looks and gameplay it was obvious to me that the developers spent a lot of themselves to make Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness into a game they would be proud of and I am really glad I played it 'out of sync' with my too large collection of unplayed games (about 35 of them).

Because I enjoyed this game and because the Developer came online and interacts with us Fishies and try's to answer our questions ( see:Talk with the developers of Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness here ) and because I even liked the Bonus Chapter And because I think this is a very good SE ! I'm giving this game a full out of 5

Edit: I forgot to say that I liked their jump-map

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