Perfect score level 11

[Post New]by Oldfashioned1 on Oct 9, 14 2:10 AM
I can get the crystal and bomb near the beginning and the crystal and bomb on the upper level, but can't get the one underneath. I guess I'm using the wrong blocks because I can't get the mice out of the hole once I blow up the block to get them in there. Can't watch you-tube due to computer problems. Please tell me how to get in/out of the hole.


Re:Perfect score level 11

[Post New]by Oldfashioned1 on Oct 9, 14 4:03 AM
I figured it out:
1. Loose the mice--they go forward and come back for crystal in left bottom hole. When they climb back out....

2. Place long rectangle block in left bottom hole. The mice come back to get the crystal and bomb beneath their wheel.

3. Blow up block above right hole. Mice go in, get crystal and head back toward their wheel.

4. Put square block in right bottom hole. Mice go up.

5. Put L-block short end pointing up so mice get upper crystal and bomb.

6. Blow up the last block that prevents them from getting to the cheese.

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