Lost from the get-go. help PLEASE

[Post New]by redminster on Oct 9, 14 7:27 PM
I just bought this game, not knowing it existed (love good & "simple" hog games) but I am stumped. I am trying to attach the rope to the nail hook so the guard can get the bag the intruder dropped. It says to look in the bag as first task....how can I look in the bag when I can't get it. I have tried to combine the rope & nail hook to no avail. I've handed the glove to the guard; won't take it. I've tried to put the hook on the chimney pole, no luck; same with the rope. I can't find a way after trying over & over, on & on to get these 3 items attached. I've tried to put them together in the items boxes but no go. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to these items to interact? I'd SURE appeciate it. I'm so stuck and I've played only 1 scene! Thank you! Gosh I know this is an old game but it's new to me and I really need help as it looks like a fun game.

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Re:Lost from the get-go. help PLEASE

[Post New]by didersham on Feb 18, 15 2:48 PM
I do not know if you are still trying to play the game, but you put the items in the highlighted silhouette areas of the items.

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