Valve for Steam shutoff go get gloves

[Post New]by FloridaMark on Oct 10, 14 6:25 AM
Hi: Is there something wrong with this game? I have been trying for days to get the valve on, to shutoff the steam to get the gloves, but it will not take it. This is very frustrating and needs to be fixed. I am playing the game for fun, not to be frustrated. Can someone please give me a hint on what to do to move forward in the game? Thanks in advane.


Re:Valve for Steam shutoff go get gloves

[Post New]by duchesspol on Mar 16, 15 9:40 PM
Hey there! You've probably already figured it out for yourself but I struggled a bit too. I found that when I tried putting the valve on slightly below the nut it went on right away. Sure you got it already but I just got the game. Hope it helps.

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