Anyone know about leaflet alone.

[Post New]by Eldest737 on Oct 10, 14 7:06 PM
The puzzle:
Two young men. Adil and Sanjay have to hand out leaflets for an Indian exhibition taking place in the capital. Two identical bags of leaflets have been prepared to distribute that evening. Adil doesn't turn up, however, and sanjay does some of Adil's work himself, so that no one will notice Adil's absence. How many leaflets must he pass on to Adil to make sure Adil has 250 more than him today to compensate for his absence.
I have tried a couple of things and have yet to succeed. Any ideas?

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Re:Anyone know about leaflet alone.

[Post New]by burf90 on Oct 12, 14 6:02 PM
If they start the day with the same number, let's say 100 each, and Adil gives Sanjay 10, Adil now has 90 and Sanjay has 110 - a difference of 20...

SPOILER (highlight with your mouse to see): Adil gives Sanjay 125 leaflets.


Re:Anyone know about leaflet alone.

[Post New]by fernsneil on Oct 31, 14 1:05 AM
Thanks. I got this question twice so far.

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