Stop advertising all the new characters!

[Post New]by sheilamilo on Oct 11, 14 9:03 AM
We can't get to the new content, so I am really tired of all the emails and splash pages exclaiming all the new stuff.

I haven't made it to 44 yet, but since I work and have life responsibilities, the amount of gold needed takes a long time to get. Since there's so much new stuff, perhaps you could pull a change like you did for the witch and pirate-areas craftings and make things more fun ie attainable for those who can't play 3 times a day.


Re:Stop advertising all the new characters!

[Post New]by cal4peachs on Oct 11, 14 10:36 AM
I am with you there. On a fixed income and can not play as much as i like to relax at end of day. They expect us to spend our allowance and extra momey????? when it is hard to keep up with the changing in each upgrade.

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Re:Stop advertising all the new characters!

[Post New]by april3850 on Oct 11, 14 3:42 PM
I have the tag line at the bottom of my game app with a banner advertising the new stuff, but the only thing I have new is the tournament, and its not working, so I dont know why we have that banner. I sure hope they give us something soon, or get rid of the ad.

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Re:Stop advertising all the new characters!

[Post New]by thistle809 on Oct 12, 14 4:45 PM
The purpose of the advertising is to lure new players in and convince them that they absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt must have access to all the "new" characters! (Read: spend lots and lots of in the game to dash through it like an Olympic sprinter.)

Those of us who have been suffering through this mare's nest of glitches for a while are experienced enough to know that even for those able and willing to spend cash for make-believe merchandise, it simply is not worth it.

The devs and seem to have lost sight of the fact that this type of game (Free-To-Play) is meant to be used as a loss-leader like certain sale items in stores. Example: If a grocery store puts milk on sale for $1.69 per gallon, oranges for $.89 per pound and sugar for $1.29 for a 5 pound bag, they know that people will walk through most of the store in order to get those items. Those shoppers will see other things that they will need, if not at that very moment, soon and decide to buy them thus increasing the amount they spend in the store. Those shoppers will not be going to a competitor for the other items since they have already purchased them in the store with the "super sale". Free-To-Play games are intended to serve the same purpose.. When people go to a particular site to play a game on a regular basis, they are more likely to buy other games while they are there rather than seeking out another site to purchase from.

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