Garage Dragon Expdition

[Post New]by Sickofpopups on Oct 11, 14 4:26 PM
So over this *^$%*(( game right now

Fed the dragon, sent out invites to friends to get help - still had almost 4 hours to go. A couple of minutes later the expedition comes back as being ready to go, click on it and find that it has shut itself down - and I am now without the food I put in AND the necessary items to get another expedition to start running.

This is simply getting worse and worse. Obviously the developers don't give a dam about the players. Too many bugs - game should be removed.

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Re:Garage Dragon Expdition

[Post New]by Marjasinstar on Oct 11, 14 6:56 PM
How did it shut itself down? I see your expedition running. It has 1-1/2 hours left on it.

Have you tried clearing your cache or maybe trying another browser because it shows up for me?

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Re:Garage Dragon Expdition

[Post New]by kiki5621 on Oct 12, 14 7:07 AM
Not sure what happened to your game. I had no problems with this Offer - no game freezes. The garage is a little tricky to search, but if you really have problems you can look at the Wiki post - it shows where to find the items. I did have problems finding the fire extinguisher and had to use the Hint Bell a few times.

I did not see your expedition since you are not my neighbor, but hope it works out for you..

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Re:Garage Dragon Expdition

[Post New]by Lilybells on Oct 13, 14 8:07 AM
Sickofpopups, ( good user name by the way)

I'm your neighbor, I fed your dragon, I assumed you won, as I received a reward, but then again I was helping others.. Sorry about what happened

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