Thoughts on the end (spoilers)

[Post New]by 186FleetStreet on Oct 12, 14 1:59 PM
While I did find the plot twist about the main character being the Doctor's wife and Stephanie's mother interesting, the ending seemed kinda rushed.

I mean, I'm no psych specialist, but somehow I think even with entering the patients' memories, I don't think the main character's memory could've come back that quickly at the end, especially after spending the whole game trying to shake the amnesia and other effects of the coma.

Also, I would've liked a bit more info on the shooter/purse snatcher, and see whether or not he was actually in the asylum during the fire.

I've seen that there was a collector's edition of this game at one point, and I would've liked to have the bonus level available, so I could get a bit more resolution, and to see what was in that boarded-up room in the basemen (like if it really was the shooter/purse snatcher, like some theories on other posts have said).

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