Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Oct 14, 14 3:05 PM
Hi there,

I read the earlier post from September, but the one response to that query does not help.(no offense!)

I have tried different approaches and never come anywhere close!

Would someone please help me? I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Confounded Happy


Re:Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by mollyholt on Oct 15, 14 7:33 PM
I did level 59 over again and succeeded. I own a workshop and sawmill in this game. I am assuming you do too. You can hire 1 worker and enough materials to build on the top left and right 2 hotels upgraded to the max and inspected and in between the 2 hotels should be the historic square. You use these for rental money. If you try to build and sell, you will not have enough money to buy back. The zoned spot can be used for a garden center as you need to landscape 7 homes. The homes can be the cheaper ones.

You can as you have time paint the homes and get the required beautification.

the last is to build the solar panels as you already know, demolish the garden center and build the tech center to get the required power.

The key seems to be the 2 hotels with the upgrades and the historic square between the 2. I did no selling. Only got 2 stars though. Hope this helps.


Re:Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Oct 17, 14 3:38 PM
Hi MollyHolt!

I do appreciate your reply so very much! It gave me a new tact to try! Unfortunately, I do not own a sawmill or workshop, so I have to build them, which takes time, resources, etc.

Unfortunately, I am not able to meet the deadline no many how many times I try. Is there any way to beat this thing without having to PAY to own a sawmill and workshop???

PLEASE, if you have any advice, I am all ears and eternally grateful!! It has become not only frustrating, but discouraging!

Thank you,

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Re:Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by bettyjeanj on Oct 18, 14 11:34 AM
I went back and tried this one again to see what I did to get it.
I started out building a Hacienda and selling it then building a sawmill a workshop one man and then a garden in the middle roll so later you can tear them down and put 2 Solar Towers so they are not by a house giving it a negitive appeal. You may have to double pay to get the middle roll lots. Sometimes when you start the game you may be lucky and have houses you can tear down right at first. I then got the Efficiency Training and started building Hotels putting gardens and painting them all. (I had 6 hotels to make money faster) but you can have less just build other type of houses instead. You have to buy back the Hecienda too. Just make sure you keep a space between two of them for the Historic Square. Hope this helps. Let me know please

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Re:Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by JB4510 on Oct 20, 14 7:06 AM
It took me at least 25 tries but I finally managed to get three stars with less than a second left. I tried several variations but the one below got me closer than any other, so I just did it, over and over and over until it finally all came together.
A key trick was to NOT worry about low-balling properties except for the condos and final hotel, unless already for sale.
1. Choose one of the upper set of three plots to be your “building set”. Either pick a set in which you already own two props, or a set with only cabins and lodges.
2. Put condo up for sale
3. Demolish any properties "building" set. Purchase one if needed as you need at least two to begin. If you can get three that’s much better.
4. Sell condo, build workshop and sawmill simultaneously. By this time several properties are for sale. Buy the least expensive.
5. Upgraded workshop, get one worker, 2500 wood and demolished property purchased in step 4.
6. Built & paint hotel. As soon as possible, obtain third plot in building set & build garden center. If 3rd plot is not affordable, you can also use zoned lot (with Craftsman) if you have that. Having hotel landscaped before selling is really important & takes several tries to get it worked out.
7. Landscape & sell hotel. Buy 15,000 wood, 18-21 workers & any lots except for condos
8. Build Real Estate on either zoned lot or 3rd plot in bldg. set.
9. Start building hotels, being sure to leave empty plot for historic center. While building do so in this order: build, landscape, paint, stage, then upgrade & inspect.
10. If a condo comes up for sale & you are close to having the $, stop work, collect rent, buy condo, inspect it, then leave it alone.
11. Continue upgrading hotels to three stars, build historic center, when 2nd condo becomes available, put first up for sale, buy 2nd at “offer less” price, demolish both and build hotels.
12. Landscape last two hotels built, demolish real estate center, build tech center & buy 3000 wood for solar plants
13. Demolish sawmill & garden center, build two solar plants, purchase last hotel at “low ball” price and you’re done!


Re:Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Oct 22, 14 7:53 AM
Hi there,

I want to thank all of you for helping me out! For taking the time to go back and replay just to help a stranger is both amazing and touching!!

BettyJean, I tried your directions repeatedly, but kept running into the situation where I still had to put a house next to a negative structure. JB, I tried your directions and got it - finally! I just managed to get one star by the skin of my teeth! I have tried it again and again, but can't improve on the star count. I'm just happy to have passed it at all!!!

So, thank all of you again for the time, effort, and energy you put into helping me out! I couldn't have done it without you!!

Take care,

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Re:Level 59 - PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by bettyjeanj on Oct 22, 14 2:59 PM
Hi you are welcome for sure. I get 2 stars everytime with the way I said but can not quite get 3 yet. Are you putting all three sawmill, workshop and garden either in the top are middle roll where there is only 3 spaces, you may have to double pay for one of the lots to put them in that area, so they are not near a house? then tear them down to put the 2 solar towers in the same spots. and have the tech center on the zoned area. That way none of them are not near a house.

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