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What a wonderful Game

[Post New]by tookat on Oct 14, 14 8:07 PM
ArtiffexMundi has done it again.
I was not sure I liked the game in the beginning....but it grows and grows on me.
Art work is gorgeous......and the story engaging.
Even though I have suspected who the bad guy is (I do the same thing in every mystery.....written or game) since the beginning in this case.....I am longing to be proven wrong, and wondering if there are going to be any survivors.

Highlight to see what
Bad Peackcock Queen...bad. Bad, Nasty woman!
Shame on her for abusing her son the King and wanting to kill his Queen.
Every time another brother dies, I hope that it will not be so.
and if it is not the queen....but the mystery brother (Yeah, I am far from finished!) I will be very much surprised.
Just because he is the odd black haired kid does not mean he is evil.

thanks...I just had to get that off my chest.....don't read it if you don't already know who the killer is...OK?

I love a good game!

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