Help with level 87

[Post New]by Brysgranny13 on Oct 15, 14 5:26 PM
Can someone help me with level 87? I just can't do it alone!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:Help with level 87

[Post New]by bettyjeanj on Oct 21, 14 5:03 AM
Here is how I did it someone else may hae a better way I can only get 2 stars so far

Build a sawmill
sell chateau
build workshop
Buy Efficiency
keep buying men as the game goes on (I had about 21 by the end of the level)
start buying up land as they come up for sell
start building Chalets and upgrading and painting them
when you have 8 chalets buy a bunch of wood
enough to build the other things you will need
tear down sawmill and build a Garden Center
put gardens on all houses
tear down workshop
build a chalet and add a garden paint and upgrade
tear down garden center and build a real estate
stage all 9 houses


Re:Help with level 87

[Post New]by fallenskies on Dec 30, 14 4:12 AM
I did something similar, sold the chateau immediately, once sold build a workshop in the spot next to the chateau. Buy efficiency and workers. In the end I had 27 workers. Buy wood as needed, bust down everything and start building chalets. Buy up everything as it goes up for sale. There will be 9 openings, once you have your 9 chalets upgraded, painted and inspected, bust down the workshop and build the garden center. You will need 2 workers per house to landscape, while they are in the middle of landscaping bust down the garden center and build the real estate office. It will take 3 workers per house to stage but you should finish with 3 stars. In the end you will have 9 chalets, a real estate office and a chateau.

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