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Grim Legends Song of the dark swan

[Post New]by colin27 on Oct 16, 14 6:58 AM
What a rubbish game! I wish I had tried it instead of buying it outright.I am getting fed up of games with twee fairies ,handsome princes and gentle maidens...also why I am getting so many games without reset buttons?I like to try the puzzles myself and without the reset button this cannot be done.In future I shall try every game so I don,t get any more crap fairy stories!

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Re:Grim Legends Song of the dark swan

[Post New]by tookat on Oct 16, 14 10:50 AM
It is not like the game was advertised as anything BUT a Fairy story......and we get it, you hate fairy stories.
A very good idea to ALWAYS demo a game since they do have free demos for exactly that purpose.
But, contact CS and see if they will refund your money or at least give you a coupon you can spend on something you might find more suited to your tastes.

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