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ELEPHANT GAME didnt need to play sample !!

[Post New]by grama4jr on Oct 16, 14 9:24 AM
They are the best along with Blue Tea games...I have Win 8.1 and it runs perfectly good, no problem at all.
Graphics are great story line Is interesting and story Is easy to follow so you know where you are and where you need to go.

Thanks BFG for another great game didn't wait for a sale price, its worth it.

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Re:ELEPHANT GAME didnt need to play sample !!

[Post New]by lvfao on Nov 23, 14 12:55 AM
sorry to disagree, but these devs can be rather inconsistent in quality and length of game. i found this game too short, would like to have seen at least two more locations to qualify this as a CE.
the first two 'cases' were good, interesting and somewhat challenging, but i feel they rushed the last part and were repetitious. the music was discordant and not in tune with the actions, and i absolutely did not appreciate the interactive map with the glaring bright lights every time i changed locations. very hard on the eyes.
i thoroughly enloyed the premise, helping death, and loved the voice over. some good puzzles,and different presentations of the hos.
i know these devs' work quite well, and know that they can do much better.
looking forward to their next offering...

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