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level 96

[Post New]by bettyjeanj on Oct 16, 14 12:46 PM
Hi I need help with level 96 I hae tried several different ways but I do not have enought money to build all the house needed or if I sell a larger house first I can not get enought money to get it back. You have to have all 14 lots to build all of what you need which is

5 painted Farm Houses
4 landscaped A-Frames
3 - 3star Geocerians
and 2 Groceries

there is also 3 zoned lots to use.

Please can anyone susggest something I need to do that is just not popping into my head.

Thank You have a Great Day

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Re:level 96

[Post New]by bettyjeanj on Oct 17, 14 10:34 AM
I finally got it after trying for a couple days. I am not for sure how good it is but here is how I did it.

I was trying to build and sell a larger house but could not get enough money to buy them back so I though I would try it this way:

I started by double paying for a zoned area. then I brought one man and wood.
I build a hotel on the zoned area and sold it that way you do not have to buy them back.
Later I build 2 more hotels on the zoned area and sold them as I needed money.
I brought enough wood to build a sawmill
Then brought wood to build a workshop and garden center and the efficiency training
then I started building A-Frames with gardens first so I could get rid of the garden shop
then the painted farmhouses and 3 star Georgians next
I build up some wood and then torn down the sawmill.
When everything was done except for one farmhouse including the two groceries
I torn down the workshop and build the last farmhouse
I did not get 3 stars thou maybe someone can help me with that.


Re:level 96

[Post New]by Brysgranny13 on Oct 21, 14 7:00 PM
This is how I got 3 stars. First I got the world goal. Then I played again for the three stars.
I bought one man and 1000 wood. I then bought a zoned lot. I built a hotel on that zoned lot. While it was building, I bought 1000 wood. I then built a workshop. While it was building, I sold the hotel. I then bought the other 2 zoned lots. Once the hotel was sold, I bought enough men and wood to build 2 more hotels on the zoned lots. I also got the effiency workshop. I then built 2 more hotels and sold only one. I let the other just collect rent. Once the second hotel was sold, I started buying materials and men and started building my garden shop, and the farmhouses. I landscaped them and demolished the garden shop. Then I started building the other houses. Once I got enough money to purchase all land, I demolished the last hotel and built the workshop in that spot. Demolish the old workshop and finish all task. You should get three stars. Dont forget to make you second workshop efficient! Good luck!

Let me know if it works, I might have forgotten something.


Re:level 96

[Post New]by Brysgranny13 on Oct 21, 14 7:03 PM
Oh ye, I forgot: always try to get the world goal and the gnome first before time runs out. Then you can always go back to get the three stars. This makes it easier to get them.

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