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Level 4 Extreme?

[Post New]by Taltam1 on Oct 17, 14 8:57 AM
Any tips? What's the strategy to get the number of materials?


Re:Level 4 Extreme?

[Post New]by boris_mikic on Oct 21, 14 1:08 AM
Hello Taltam1,

This level is very quick so you have to be quick about it. Every second counts.

1. Skip the tutorial right away.
2. Look for the treasure now before the timer starts running. Don't pick it up yet, just remember where it is. You'll need the gold later for the farm.
3. Send someone to clear the left and right heaps of rocks.
4. Upgrade your first hut.
5. Buy 400 Materials.
6. Pick up the treasure.
7. Build a Farm.
8. As soon as the rocks are gone, build one more hut.
9. Pick the first taxes from the first hut (if you haven't yet). With this gold, buy 6 food units.
10. Upgrade the second hut or build another hut, whichever you can do first. Then do the other.
11. Upgrade the last hut and keep collecting gold to buy 600 more materials.

Don't worry if you run out of food. If you are fast enough, you should get the materials right after you run out of food and one hut should have the food button visible.

Boris Mikic
Cateia Games

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