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Progress of the Game

[Post New]by alvinandjo on Oct 17, 14 10:49 AM
I can't figure out what is the progression of the game. It seems like I am playing the same puzzles over and over. Where do you start the game? What is the progression, so if I quit the game I don't have to redo my progression. If I quit the game and reload the game, what do I do to pick up where I left off? Thanks for any help!

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Re:Progress of the Game

[Post New]by JoeKazz on Oct 17, 14 12:03 PM
Hi Alvinandjo:

The main game is "The Quest", the QU in the QUESTS cards. It plays 25 levels of Clutter and an intro to most of the minigames along with a surrounding Jigsaw Puzzle.

The rest of the puzzles are there to enjoy in whatever order you'd like.

Hope that helps.


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