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Game item not retrieved, and now game won't let me get it!! :((

[Post New]by phreec on Oct 19, 14 8:07 AM
i haven't had any other glitches, til this one, and my only recourse, i know, is just to start over...but others should be aware, in case similar issues may occur...

i am near the end of chapter 2, and got a bit lost; consulting the guide, i apparently need to place the "Ivy and Frog Insignia" in the Frog Prince room...
prior to this spot, i had placed the gear (etc), and planted the bean...
somehow i failed to notice the insignia where the gears are, so, obviously, did not retrieve it.
this isn't like a bonus item or something that i overlooked, but an actual game element, that is now unavailable to me, which means i can't proceed...
i have not yet started the game over (which it is obvious i am going to have to do so), i wanted to get this issue here into Tech before go lay down and cry first, lol...INFURIATING!! not so much that i overlooked the item, because i -know- i am prone to that, so it doesn't faze me to have to backtrack for Game Elements or that i'm going to miss out on bonus items that i missed when i had the chance, but this is ridiculous...
i'm a HUGE FAN of Blue Tea Games, but this cup is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth
(i will also post this in Tech, to make others aware...)

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