Endgame – Sayman's Workshop / Hot Stove & Damp Rag Bug?

[Post New]by moominata on Oct 19, 14 11:17 AM
Hi, I'm playing on an iPad.

I've hit what looks like a bug right at the end. I'm in Sayman's Workshop. I can't touch the hot pipe on the stove, so I put the rag in the river to make it damp.

But now when I hold the damp rag... over the hot pipe... or anywhere on the stove for that matter... nothing happens.

I changed the difficult to the easiest level, and the "hint" is telling me "use the damp rag to close the hot stove in Sayman's House"... so I know that this is the next (and only) thing I can do in the game.

Will... not... work.

Anyone else had this problem? I can't see what workaround there could be.


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