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Flux Family Secrets: The Book of Oracles:(Still a secret)

[Post New]by pepperlady on Oct 19, 14 11:34 AM
This is yet another game with a major flaw! I am truly disappointed in the quality of the games that are being offered these days by big! This game does not display correctly. I have tried every possible resolution, and all of my systems are reported to be up to date. What now? The last game I had this problem with, I dumped and reloaded. It made no difference! The game just sits there in the upper left of my machine. It's not even a full picture! Unfortunately,I now own that other useless game, having purchased it after playing the demo(which worked perfectly normal
in the demo)! How does this keep happening? Doesn't anyone run quality control on these games? Do your customers matter at all? Or is money your only goal?I find it downright embarassing that the quality of product is no longer of concern to so many companies. It used to be a point of pride to present customers with the very finest efforts of a company,sadly,this is not todays business practice. Todays moto would seem to be "stick 'em with anything,and RUN!!! SHAME,SHAME! I don't think that I care to be a member of this club any longer! I am waiting to see what,if anything, is done about these games! Is anyone out there????

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