Cannot move Giraffe in Scene for Bonus game 4

[Post New]by tazzer on Oct 20, 14 12:12 PM
I am running this game on a Windows 7 64 bit environment using Firefox.

All the figurines had no problem being inserted into their respective Continents, but the Giraffe is Stuck on North America, and cannot be moved to Africa. This purpose of this scene was as a teaching tool for the children to properly identify the animal and what habitat is their original one. I can move all the figurines (the Eagle, the Bird, the Panda, and the Kangaroo into their respective slots on a word map, but the giraffe is stuck on the insert for North America. I can move all of the animals into their right and wrong spots with no problem, but the Giraffe is stuck. I noticed that when I click on an animal, it becomes highlighted, but the Giraffe does not highlight when clicked. I have tried to log in and out of the game, but I get the same problem. I have checked to make sure that I have not missed any steps prior, which could cause some confusion, but everything looks fine. I cannot proceed any further until all the animals are place in thier proper slots, since that triggers the next scene.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated......Stan

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