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save and minimize window

[Post New]by sandipuppy on Oct 23, 14 1:35 PM
My 2 biggest issues with this game.

I love the slider puzzles but it would be nice if we could save the game and comeback to it another time.

Also, would be nice to be able to minimize the game so we could keep up with other non-game internet interests.

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Re:save and minimize window

[Post New]by sunimae on Dec 16, 14 3:44 PM
I absolutely agree!!! The ability to save progress is absolutely fundamental to my way of thinking. I do enjoy the Clutter games, but the pleasure is severely damaged for those of us who cannot have the game tying up our computer or lose all our progress.

This is almost a TECH ISSUE. While I do enjoy the game concept itself, it does leave much to be desired in the way of providing the basic conventions we have come to expect from the games we play. In fact, I do believe that this is the only game of the many I have purchased from BigfishGames over the years, that does not provide this option.

I do wish the creators, or someone from BigfishGames would provide the means to save and return upon exiting.


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Re:save and minimize window

[Post New]by JoeKazz on Dec 18, 14 9:10 AM
Hi Sandipuppy and Sudimae:

I don't disagree with you especially with being able to pick-up where a slider puzzle left you. I'm hoping to do a game with Slider/Jigsaws only and I'm planning on having that capability there. It does take extra work, and it's been a lower priority up until this point.

You should be able to minimize and restore the game. Even in full screen, you should be able to alt-tab to minimize the game. Let me know if you mean something else.

As for losing your you just mean with the Slider Jigsaw puzzles? The main quest, should definitely remember where you are, and pick up where you left off. If that doesn't happen, please let me know.

Glad you're enjoying the games in spite of these difficulties.


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