In the Oracle Room, Weepie issue

[Post New]by Mylita on Oct 24, 14 3:34 PM
I'm in the Oracle's room to make the potion. I've looked at the blog for guidance and at the ingame Strategy Guide and doing what they show. First step is to place the Weepie near the pot and give her the onion. But, I can't get the Weepie to sit near the pot. No matter how often or where I put her within the close-up view of the pot, she won't stay and falls back into the inventory. I've tried literally dozens of times now and no spot works.

(I have the other things needed to create the potion.)

What am I doing wrong? I've even closed out of the game and gone back in several times, but it makes no difference. Now I am stuck and can't move on. I like to complete the games... LOL


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