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Christmasville -North Pole puzzle

[Post New]by verigo on Oct 24, 14 9:52 PM
I have played this game several times and had no problems, but when I changed to Windows 8- the problem developed that once you completed the puzzle, the game was stuck, and the sparkles would not show the puzzle finished correctly, nor let the game advance to the next section. When I had W7 on my pc, it played okay and no problems. I hated W8, so gave in to the headaches of reinstalling etc, and went back to W7. Well, its had its updates since it was first on my pc, and now the Christmasville North Pole puzzle is doing the same as when I tried to play it with Windows 8- it gets stuck and won't let the puzzle react to be finished. For me the puzzle was easy- especially from having played it several times in the past, and I knew how to double check it to know I'd completed it correctly. One of my favorite things to do for a game is work jigsaw puzzles, I would finish the Christmasvills Polar Map puzzle and have 5 min to wait until the words, please start over with the last segment of the game. Has anyone had this problem corrected? There are two questions about this problem earlier on in the items posted, but no one has answered this problem. If anyone has had this problem and managed to get it solved, please advise on this forum so I will know how to continue the game, and other will as well. Thank you..... Verigo

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