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Couldn't stop until I finished!!!

[Post New]by Ridnhi on Oct 25, 14 4:20 PM
Bought the game today as DD...I started it this in late am and have been at it pretty solid with just a few breaks between for eating and interacting with family. This reminded me in a way of the first game I ever played: "Sarah Mirabeau." It is very logical and the colors are bright and the graphics clear. There are lots of HOS and quite a few puzzles. A story that made sense and was cohesive. All in all it is worth playing. I enjoyed it much more than so many of the HOPs they are coming out with lately. I seem to notice that some of the best stories come from these folks. Not sure where they're from but the names sound like maybe eastern Europe......Anyway. Thanks Guys. I appreciate your stuff. Thanks BFG!!

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