I'm stuck

[Post New]by jds4bast on Oct 26, 14 9:13 AM
I haven't found out how to listen to the MP3 player or how to break Bridget's password on her phone.

Also, I figured out how to do the alarm with Ewan but I couldn't open the desk drawer and now I don't know what to do while Ewan is away from his desk.

MP3 Player - where is a cord?

Bridget's password - I tried the tartan pattern but that didn't work - Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

How do I move forward?


Re:I'm stuck

[Post New]by daisymae051479 on Oct 27, 14 7:10 PM
The MP3 Player is on the desk in Nancy's room by the phone.

The Tartan pattern works, you have to layer it correctly.

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Re:I'm stuck

[Post New]by kateinaz on Oct 28, 14 7:25 PM
If you figured out the alarm but can't open the drawer, you're not ready for that task yet. Same thing happened to me. That part comes a whole lot later than you would think.

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Re:I'm stuck

[Post New]by amminnc on Oct 30, 14 3:21 PM
You won't be able to figure out the cell phone password until you go to Moira's house and take the book on tartan patterns from her kitchen table. Then return to Brigit's room and you'll see the tartan pattern, which you'll have to reproduce, on the cell phone. Have fun!

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