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Trophy questions

[Post New]by BSHADOW on Oct 26, 14 9:52 AM
I am on level 5-29 and took a look at the trophy's. I was wondering what the star trophies that someone else was mentioning. I don't see a space for them.

I am also wondering how many hints you have to use to get the hint trophy. I don't use hints but I tried playing a level using the hints as they lit up. That didn't work. Anyone know what you have to do to get it?

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Re:Trophy questions

[Post New]by burf90 on Oct 28, 14 9:10 AM
I finished both games and don't use hints either, but the wording says "effective use of hints", so I suspect you have to use them when you need them, not just use them all in the beginning of a level and go from there. That's just a guess, though, so maybe someone who got that trophy will clarify.

As for the star trophies, I know they were there in the trophy room when I first purchased this game - they were on the bottom of the screen to the far left and right. However, when I saw there was an updated game version, I uninstalled my original game and installed the new version. Now, when I go to the treasure room, there are no trophies listed for stars, so I suspect they removed those with the update, since it's impossible to get them in this game.

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