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Why it's important to donate if you can

[Post New]by KimchiGoddess on Oct 27, 14 1:43 PM
Hello fellow fishies!

Most of you will have noticed that Justin of BW2 will be gaming 24 hours straight on Nov. 1st to raise money for a children's hospital in B.C., Canada.

Not everyone will be able to donate, and that's okay, that's just life. But I wanted to share my personal experience and encourage you to help out if you can.

I was a sick kid. Without going into too many personal details, I became very ill at age 13, and when diagnosed, my life expectancy was age 30. This November 8th, I'll turn 29, and I'm going strong.

I've had a chance to get an education, go on exchange to France, complete my Master's degree there as my program's valedictorian, meet my amazing French husband, travel to 5 continents, and share what I can with the people around me. I even hope that he and I will have children someday, and the life expectancy that I've given myself is without limit.

The downside is that it costs around 1000€ per month to keep me alive. While waiting for a cure (someday!), I'm so grateful to have the support of my loved ones as well as various associations. What I mean to say is that every little bit counts. Alone, I would no longer be here to share this with you. With the help of literally the entire population of France (as public health care covers my costs), here I am. But in those early days in Canada when public care didn't step in to help... well, I needed people like you, like us all. Know that even if you only give one dollar, it is appreciated, welcome, and useful.

TLDR folks: donate!! You'll help save lives.

Thank you to Justin and the BW2 team for doing this. See you around the pond!

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Re:Why it's important to donate if you can

[Post New]by sagefever on Oct 29, 14 11:00 AM
Thank you for the reminder... in dark places a helping human hand can make all the difference.

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