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Tips for mastering the hard levels 6-3 and 9-5

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Oct 28, 14 7:29 AM
When the bottom comes too close just press space (have your other hand always ready for pressing this) to enter the menu and click "main menu" there to leave the level.

As already written by FeyKina you need luck and great patience although. We tried it 2 weeks almost every day for about 1/2 hours before we completed one of these levels.

Orbs which emits coins often split these in two bunches. A big one and a small one. Of course focus always on the big one to collect coins as fast as possible!

Backup your success after every new success by making copies of the file 'players.cfg' in the game's directory folder.

Of course have also a look at the tips of FeyKina here:

Many stones are placed in each in new line. Here is how to remove them right away to have a better chance to remove the color bricks by matching.

Try to catch/fire the orbs before firing at bombs next to them to avoid wiping them away to get as much coins as possible.
When you see the "feather" power-up (looks like a green "1") and you've some space left to the button then press the right mouse button several times before catching this power-up. This gives you more stone freed lines which are easier to remove by matching then later.

Many black bricks are placed and also stacked and therefore are not removable by coloring and matching.
The only helpful power-up is the "falcons feather" power-up (looks like a green "1"), but it doesn't help anymore later when the bottom comes close. At least the "desert snake" power-up slows down generation of new lines.

Try to catch/fire the orbs before fire at bombs which wipes them around them away too to get as much coins as possible.
To make the "falcons feather" power-up (looks like a green "1") always powerful spend some time to color the reachable black bricks. Then this power-up detects the colored bricks are single bricks and removes them, which gives you more space to continue playing.

Good luck!

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