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Curious about the specific country coins ?

[Post New]by ValerieG on Oct 28, 14 7:06 PM
I'm in Canada and I was amused that the coins were Canadian, toonie ($2), loonie ($1) and the quarter. I'm wondering if the game is programmed to use the coins from the country where the gamer is, or any other fishies from other countries still see them as Canadian money?

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Re:Curious about the specific country coins ?

[Post New]by burf90 on Nov 1, 14 5:16 PM
I live in the US and it's Canadian money for me, too. Maybe the programmers are primarily Canadian. I did crack up when I saw the loonie and toonie, though. Before that, I kept looking at that vending machine and wondering how I was possibly going to find enough coins to get what I needed. I thought I'd be hunting all day for quarters.

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