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Spade Signet Puzzle

[Post New]by anon457 on Oct 28, 14 11:07 PM
Can anyone explain how to solve this puzzle other than looking in the SG for the answer. It just gives a picture of the solved puzzle with no explanation, The INFO on the puzzle is not very explanatory


Re:Spade Signet Puzzle

[Post New]by Winnibigoshish on Nov 3, 14 6:03 PM
Hi anon457, this puzzle was quite the stumper for me too! I didn't look at the SG, so I don't know if I can describe this very well, but this is how I solved it (SPOILER ALERT to anyone who wants to solve it themselves): as you look at any one of the fixed diamonds, look at the four sides of that fixed diamond and notice the figure which butts against each of the sides of the diamond. On its upper left will be the color of the fixed diamond, on its upper right will be the number of angles of the shape within the fixed diamond, on its lower right will be a depiction of the pattern within the shape (like horizontal lines, or vertical lines, or circles, or crosshatched lines), and on the lower left of the fixed diamond will be (I'm really guessing here, but it worked...) a square if the shape has a flat bottom, and a star if the shape's bottom is pointed. Hope this helps. I agree that the directions were vague, but I think they wanted to throw in a really puzzling puzzle :-)

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