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Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Oct 29, 14 1:41 AM
A thread for your Reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by Nilosh on Oct 29, 14 4:09 AM
Goodmorning to all,

Obviously living in Istanbul I was thrilled to see this game and had very high expectations as I am a fan of the Big City Adventure series. Unfortunately my excitment was premature and seeing the opening cut scene gave way to my disapoinment which only increased after having played the demo. Alas I am sorry to say that this game will not be added to my collection as it falls short of being entertaining or remotely interesting.

I get the impression that the developers must have suffered huge budget cuts as there were no voice-overs from our famous family, no special sound effects and graphics were way off the mark at the beginning of the game, improving somewhat with some later Hidden object scenes. Usually I am fast to find objects and rarely use hints but with this game I found myself squinting and rubbing my nose up against the moniters to find obsure items almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. Needless to say I found myself spending my hint coins with almost every HO scene.

I have always enjoyed BCA games for the facts and tidbits I get about each locale which does hold true in this case. Basic historical information is given about Istanbul and the popular sites visited however that music in the background got on my nerves so much, I had to turn off the volume. As I said, graphics were off by a mile as was the art work, especially the post cards. HO scenes were junk-piled as with all BCA games, coins are available and you have just one collectable item, the camel (which by the way does does not represent Turkey but rather the Middle East and we do not have them in Istanbul and are rare in other parts of Turkey). Getting back to the gameplay, you have your assortment of very simple mini-games and there are achivements which in my case are impossible to get because there is no way I can complete a Hidden Object scene under a minute.

I just wish that the developers had taken a bit more care with this game but like I said, it really does lack the visuals and gameplay compared to the others in the series. Very sad indeed, not a happy fishie here!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by bfgGlithui on Oct 29, 14 5:51 AM
Good morning!

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Big City Adventure: Istanbul here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by mtvoyager on Oct 29, 14 10:30 AM
I agree with Nilosh, the objects were really small and some were almost completely hidden behind other objects. I did enjoy the tour of Istanbul which appears to be a fascinating city.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by AverageSizeFish on Oct 29, 14 10:49 AM
The graphics are similar to the graphics of games made several years ago. They appeared grainy and sharply contrasted on my newer machine. While this didn't make it impossible to play it is an eye-strain. The music wasn't bad at first but it's so distinctive and repeats so frequently that it got annoying after awhile.

Game play consists of rounds that are introduced by a fact-filled postcard about the location you are going to "visit". This is followed by a HOs and a puzzle. The HOs are straight list finds and the scenes are junk piles. Some of the items are almost completely obscured making it impossible to identify them. The puzzles are far, far too easy to be any challenge whatsoever.

There is no story line. All there is in the way of something to break up the HOs and puzzles is the postcards.

Overall, if you're looking for an older HOP style game you can do much better than this one. 3 stars.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by BroomHildy on Oct 29, 14 1:22 PM
Sadly, I agree with the others; I say "sadly" because in the past I've really liked the Big City Adventure games. None of them had a plot, just hidden objects with cute games between tourist sites. Not much brain work...kind of like solitaire with cute pictures.

The pictures in this one were really disappointing, often dark and dreary, and the hidden objects were hidden in the darkness.

Absolutely not their usual quality. Not a buy for me.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by jeannemaria on Oct 29, 14 5:25 PM
In contrast to the other posts, I love this new "BCA Istanbul" It is on par with the other Big City Adventure games. I have them all and i will buy future games if they are like BCA Istanbul, BCA Rio de Janeiro and previous games. I really love the interesting information on the postcards. In early games there were only a few different Mini games, now there are more. They all start off very easy but they do get more difficult. I also like the music of Istanbul,
Some of the items are very well hidden and i have had to use 1 or more hint coins in most of the scenes, but that is better than having items that are too easy to find.
I give this game 5 stars

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by kdubs on Oct 29, 14 5:53 PM
After completing the 1-hr demo, I fear devs are losing their enthusiasm for taking the family to fun beautiful locations. I've always been a fan of the series, I have them all, and do replay them yearly, just as a good break from the darker more complex HOPAs.

I agree with previous comments regarding the lack of the usual charm, especially since it appears the entire family has lost their voices! Making it all the more odd that Options contains a choice for "Voices". Is the lack of voices some sort of a glitch or did they actually just choose not to carry on the trademark chatter?

As to graphics, sadly devs have not incorporated any of the improved graphics we know are possible -- because we see them in most other games.

I have always relied on this series for light-hearted 'scenic tours' of places I am unlikely to ever visit. Looks like I might have to actually save up for a vacation if this series isn't going to bring us the charm and beautiful bright locations of previous games.

This is no buy for me. But hey devs, Seattle is a beautiful city and a very popular tourist location. How about bringing the family here for a visit?

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by mrm2006 on Oct 29, 14 11:56 PM
So, the family is finished with their trip to Rio and are off on their next adventure to .... Istanbul. Unfortunately, one or more of them thought they would be riding ............ camels. Go figure. LOL.

The graphics were good. The music appropriate for Istanbul. Catchy. Not boring. Didn't put me to sleep - which is saying a LOT these days. No voiceovers.

Of course, this is a game of HOG after HOG after HOG. It is, after all, an HOG game. The objects weren't too difficult to find but did get progressively harder as you leveled up. The mini games are between each HOG level and are the same old, same old. I didn't see anything new.

In each HOG level, there are up to 3 gold coins that act as various types of bonuses. Keep your eye out because they will accrue throughout the game and as it gets harder, you will need these tokens. There is also a hidden camel. 60 to be exact and 59 "coins". Not sure what those are but it was made mention in the Achievements.
I haven't been impressed with these games ever since I realized the game repeats itself on a loop several times. For instance, are there really 60 sites worth seeing in Istanbul? Probably not. Therefore, you will go back to the beginning and work your way to the end at least one other time, maybe even twice. I disliked that in previous versions of this game and it's why i won't purchase any more.

Also, I passed 15 of the 60 levels. 1/4th of the game I passed during the hour-long demo, and that includes the 14 mini games between those levels. That's a total of around 29 levels. So, this would be a fast game for me. Another reason why I wouldn't purchase it.

I think it's great for beginners and those who like a good adventurous trip around the world but can't get there in real life


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by Hespera on Oct 30, 14 6:40 AM
The graphics are crisp and perfect with everything readily discernible. Some of the objects are blended into the surroundings quite well and require looking at the screen for a few moments. However, this is a hidden object game, folks.

I did not find any of the objects tiny or hidden behind other objects, nor did any of the graphics seem fuzzy, out of focus, or outdated. If you are playing the game on a laptop, I could see where you may have difficulty, or if you have an older graphics card and monitor, perhaps you aren't getting all the "goody" possible.

I agree that the lack of voices is odd, especially when there is a separate slider bar for them, and it is a little disappointing not to hear the normal family chatter at the beginning; however, the rest of the game seems to be unfolding true to style and in keeping the the others in the series and I am enjoying it very much.

I like straight, timed HOGs that also have achievements very much. They are a dying genre.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by yowzasma on Oct 30, 14 2:25 PM
I like this game for what it is, a hidden object game and have all the previous ones.

I have only played the trial and dozed off during the test run after not getting enough sleep But what I saw and played I do like

The graphics were clear, music was okay and objects well hidden but findable & since I play with out the timer I really dont feel like I have to zoom through

I use these BCA games for a relaxing go to game when I dont have to remember the storyline and can set aside for days or weeks 'till the BCA mood hits

From what I saw and played I will buy this and set it in my collection of 'go-to' gamen on my desktop .

I do recommend it


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Oct 30, 14 2:33 PM
YIPEE....I am always HAPPY when a new BCA is released, and today is no exception !!

I have always been a fan of these games, I know what to expect, and I enjoy the simple game play, when I want to relax and just chill out, and I haven't been disappointed yet, so will continue to purchase this series !!
Now, I just need patience, to wait until Monday to buy ..I need the extra punch, every one counts these days.
I did play the demo though, and I enjoyed it as usual, I liked the music and the graphics were what I expect from these developers, so no complaints there.
Some of the object's are a bit hard to find, BUT I don't want a game were they are to easy, to find, so I like the challenge .
I do love learning from the post cards, interesting information to me, unless I hit the lottery, its very unlikely that I will ever get to visit ..so at least I get to learn something, about these places
I am glad they keep the mini's, almost the same, I enjoy them, and its a fun little break, in between searching.
I also like the 2 items, hidden in each scene, and am happy to see the extra
collectable, the camels, along with finding the usual coins.
THANKS....developers, at least I get to go on a make believe vacation, keep making them, and I will keep buying !!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by nantyglyn on Oct 30, 14 11:09 PM
I found the hidden objects to be harder to find than in the previous games in the series, but I DO like that fact. I hate to use hints, so I will stare at the screen, inch by inch, until I find everything. It does take patience, but then the aha! moment is great as is the sense of accomplishment when everything is found. I like the extra challenge!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by rockey69 on Oct 31, 14 5:41 AM
So happy to find a new Big City Adventure, I have loved all the previous ones and I am not disappointed with this new one. Its a nice change from all the scary games, as my grandkids call them, that I usually play. Yes it is a little harder to find the objects, but this is a hidden object game, so I want it to be hard, its a nice challenge. If you like the Big City Adventure games, then add this one to your collection, have fun playing.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Nov 1, 14 1:53 AM
I've purchased all the Big City Adventure games to date, and this one follows the same format as the previous ones, but the hidden objects are a little more challenging to spot, which I like much better. The music is also great and pleasant to listen to during play time. I rank this one my favorite so far in the series.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Nov 3, 14 8:04 PM
Hi all. Well, I think I'm finally catching up with last week, since this is the last game I needed to review. I love the BC Adventures and have them all. The one constant about these games is that they are all the same as far as graphics, game play, and puzzles. Graphics and game play are good. Music is appropriate for Istanbul, but gets very annoying very quickly.

HOPs are basically junk piles with extremely small items. Most of which are so well blended that you get a headache trying to find them. You can make HOPs challenging without blending too much of the scenery with the items. The only easy items to see are the coins and the camels that you collect in each level. I completed 16 levels and just started 17 when the demo ran out. Puzzles are the same and so terribly simple.

I think the devs got extremely lazy with this one. Way too much eye strain, very quickly, even faster than any of the other games in this series. One of these days, the dev is going to pay attention to the reviews and see that the worst of the eye strain are the awful postcards. The "brush stroke" painting of the cards is so blurry and hard on the eyes. That alone makes me not want to buy this game. All that being said, I do like these games and I can stop and start as much as I like and not forget what's happening in the game. I am going to put this one in my puddle and see how long it takes for my headache to go away, before deciding if I want this one or not. Quite serious about the headache!

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may find this one not as hard to look at as I do. Thanks for the reviews.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by ladykalona on Nov 8, 14 8:53 PM
I have played hundreds of this type of game. Glaring grenade after grenade, knife after knife, bullet after bullet. I became bored. This pathetic choice of things to find... I sense a sense of "subliminal seduction". Not for kids. Not for adults.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Big City Adventure: Istanbul here.

[Post New]by Zbeckabee on Jan 2, 15 11:55 AM
WORST graphics I've ever seen in a hidden object game...Next time, please hire the correct type of artist...

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