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[Post New]by bankie54 on Oct 30, 14 5:49 AM
can't get the right code after dialing 888 tried all ways to get the letters code anyone any help. thanks

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Re:phone box

[Post New]by Rumbitothecore on Oct 30, 14 6:17 AM
Hi The code is written on the telephone underneath the coin slot... 1-ABC 2-DEF etc.

Sorry I can't remember the exact split of the letters to numbers or the keys I hit but hopefully that will help you out.


Re:phone box

[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Oct 31, 14 1:49 AM
If I remember correctly, with the code on the phone box, 1 has no letters after it. ABC comes after 2, then DEF after 3, etc.

I'm not certain, but I think bankie wants to know what the code is that you need to dial and unfortunately, I don't remember. I believe the code was in the Journal.

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