Level 21

[Post New]by SorryCharlie on Oct 30, 14 8:56 AM
HELP! Can't seem to get this level figured out. Any advice?

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by hyperbole on Oct 30, 14 10:00 PM
This method (done in multi-click mode) worked for me and I even had extra time in the end. It also gets you the achievement for level 21.

Throughout the level always keep an eye out for and collect all bonus material as soon as you can. It makes a huge difference.

Try to keep an eye on the time you have to make a medicine drop. I had to make 2 drops during my game but with 3 fuel stations I was able to wait until the last 40 seconds in each cycle to start stockpiling fuel.

Chop the wood on the paths to the food hut and the middle building plot.

Grab the +20 food and build a house on the empty plot. Grab the bonus money from the house.

Break up the rock on the path to the sawmill. Grab all the wood on the path.

Upgrade the food hut and repair the bridge on the left.

Build a fuel station on the empty plot and start working your way down to the TNT and lower helicopter station. Build another fuel station in the empty plot.

Use the TNT and build a 3rd fuel station.

As soon as you have enough wood build the lower helicopter station. As soon as it is built click on as many refugees as you can so that the helicopter is never idle.

When you have enough food, break up the big rock in the upper left and build the other helicopter station. Keep clicking on any refugees you might have missed.

Rescue the pets.

Optional: Break up smaller rocks with fuel behind them as you are able to.

Hope this helps.

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by MammawJo on Nov 1, 14 10:12 AM
Thanks! Worked like a charm & plenty of time to spare! And was finally able to get the Air Shuttle Achievement!

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by gypsy4191 on Nov 2, 14 3:07 AM
Argh I still can't get the air shuttle achievement...

The last refugee is the kicker...

While it's being picked up the other helicopter lands... arghhhhhh

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by mitupogo on Nov 28, 14 12:34 PM
thanks hyperbole!!!! I can't believe how well that worked and how much time I had left. I didn't touch the rocks at top right. Made all the difference in the world.

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