Why lock all the older discussions?

[Post New]by robindrake29 on Oct 31, 14 12:02 AM
Maybe someone explained this somewhere and I just missed it: Why are all discussion posts prior to about May 1, 2014 for the Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond, Collector's Edition forum locked? The posts seem to consist of the usual mix of questions asking for response, comments about the game or certain aspects of it, complaints about features or lack thereof, and so on. I've never before noticed a game forum with so many posts locked away, preventing players from responding to them. Can another fishy or a Big Fish moderator explain what happened?

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Re:Why lock all the older discussions?

[Post New]by Janie42 on Oct 31, 14 5:19 AM
I'm wondering too?
Glad to see some of the old forums-features returning; but perhaps mods can sticky up an explanation for all those locked threads... probably s.thing to do with the previous collapsing of the forums/ChitChat, etc?

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