Getting all the achievements

[Post New]by Punkinatrix on Nov 2, 14 7:47 AM
Finished the game,
3 stars in all the HOPs
found all morphs
got over 10,000 in forest runner
all hand prints found
alchemy bonus completed

the only thing I didn't do is finish the main game in under 4 hours,
now it won't give me an option to start again with my current profile
but if I start over, all my FREAKING achievements go away!!

How do I re-start without losing all that work???

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Re:Getting all the achievements

[Post New]by sweatpea_25 on Mar 12, 15 10:59 AM
I have a question, I am stuck on a couple of the HOP on getting the 3 stars. I have tried numerous times and it just isn't working. Any hints on how to get more stars. Is it based on time or what? Any help I would appreciate. Thanks.

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