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Lollipop in bonus game

[Post New]by eag2 on Nov 3, 14 11:50 AM
I am in the pixie room trying to give the lollipop to the ant in order to get the gold bridle. I've put the lollipop on every part of the ant but it won't take it !
Any help would be appreciated.


Re:Lollipop in bonus game

[Post New]by CherylParker on Nov 3, 14 11:34 PM
You don't give it to the ant. You have to put it to the right of the ant. You will see gears surrounded by green where you have to put the lollipop.


Re:Lollipop in bonus game

[Post New]by MOXIEOH on Nov 15, 14 10:58 PM
thanks, it worked. we thought we were stuck because the hint kept taking us back to the portal.

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