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Alchemy Quest

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 4, 14 12:29 AM
The wizard Calen lives in a remote part of a strange and magical land where he works day and night to improve his magical abilities.

One day he tried to perfect a new recipe for a magical potion. But the day was long and tiring and he was so exhausted that he accidentally mixed the wrong ingredient into the potion. You can guess what happened next: his entire laboratory was destroyed in a huge explosion.

But Calen is a very ambitious wizard — he quickly recovered from the shock and set off on a quest to rebuild his laboratory. His journey in search of new equipment and ingredients will carry him to beautiful, mysterious places. It’s not easy, though: mean little gnomes keep trying to stop him in more than 100 exciting match-3 levels — are you up to the challenge? A lovingly-drawn game that’s fun for young and old alike!

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Re:Alchemy Quest

[Post New]by Valdy on Nov 4, 14 12:42 AM
Why oh why don't developers give us a choice when it comes to hints on the board.

I HATE it when I see tiles moving, showing me where I can use them, just because I didn't do anything for 2 seconds. Never mind that those tiles are NEVER the ones you are trying to destroy. Sometimes I do need a few seconds to see where I can best continue to break those tiles that are left to be broken, and all the while I get this tingling sound AND the darn tiles move continuously somewhere in the area of the board which I have finished already !! Thanks for nothing.

At the very least give us a choice so that we can turn it off, and don't get hints.

Same goes with the Tutorial. I DON'T need the bleeding tutorial. I have played these games for a long time, and know what I have to do, especially with a game as basic as this one.

Add more choices, let us choose whether we want to use the tutorial or not, and whether we want a hint, and stop making those tiles move and jingle, just because we stop playing for 2 seconds.

It's a definite NO-BUY for me.

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Re:Alchemy Quest

[Post New]by dk5793 on Nov 4, 14 3:37 AM
I had the same reaction as Valdy. The moving tiles are very distracting; the nanosecond when your eyes go to them make it more difficult to play the timed mode, and the tutorial is something I could do without. No sale here.



Re:Alchemy Quest

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Nov 4, 14 7:15 AM
I, too vote for the option of playing WITHOUT a tutorial... and the option NOT TO HAVE moving tiles giving me "hints" that I don't want or need. I also find that kind of thing to be distracting from the strategy I am using to successfully complete Match-3 playing boards.

It would seem that developers would be doing themselves a favor by setting up their games to have as many options as possible. Yes, it might take a little longer to have the game ready for release... but, I would think the additional sales they would get as a result would make it well worth the extra time and effort. There have definitely been several games I really liked and would have purchased had they only included the option to "enable" or "disable" a timer... or flashing lights... or background sounds, etc.

Happy gaming, all !


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