Awakening Crashes My Computer

[Post New]by Barbnsue on Nov 4, 14 11:43 AM
Every time I try to play Awakening it crashes my computer. Does anyone know of any fixes for this? I can play other Big Fish games with out any problems. If anyone has any thoughts on what I can do to fix this I would really appreciate any assistance that is given. Thank you


Re:Awakening Crashes My Computer

[Post New]by CherylParker on Nov 4, 14 8:03 PM
I have heard people uninstall and reinstall but that's when the game freezes on them.
If the game is crashing your computer, I would go to the help page.
At the very top of this page on the right side it says Help.
If you click on that it will pull up a page where you can find a lot of different fixes for problems.
When I looked there was a section called Technical Issues. Under that I saw game crashing. Click on that and see if it applies to your problem.
If you can't find help in there, then on the same page all the way to the left on the bottom it says Still Need Help Contact Us.
There you can contact Big Fish.
The techs are very helpful.
However it may take a few days for them to answer.
Good luck.
Hope you find a fix!

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