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tips and hints

[Post New]by nuttynuts on Nov 6, 14 5:49 AM
When I first bought this game I found it so difficult that I almost quit. Came here to look for tips but couldn't find anything useful. I kept trying and finally got the hang of it. Now I am almost done (playing the "Hard" option) and can now pass all the levels with 3 stars on my first try. Here are some tips:

- once you do the first couple of upgrades of the towers go for the castle and magic upgrades first (especially endurance, thrift and power of defense) . You cannot get through many of the levels without these

- at earlier levels you have to try to complete the level even if it is only with one star, leaving the three-stars to be done a bit later after you have gotten your upgrades

- Almost in every level I start with a greekfire since goblins appear first, and back it up with archers. I watch what is showing up next and place the more expensive towers (ballista and mage) only when the relevant monsters are showing up.

- You need to spend your money wisely: you have to choose between upgrading a tower or buying an additional tower. This is tricky. Because if you upgrade too soon, you are left with no money to buy the ballista or the mage and you have rock monsters or the flying ones streaming in. But if you wait too long to upgrade, you will waste all the experience points that would have accumulated for the next upgrade, and then your flamethrower may not be sufficiently upgraded for the upcoming stream of goblins.

- don't waste any of your towers on roads that are not common to all monsters (except for the mages). Put all of them in the intersections where all roads join. Sometimes this means you need to place your towers very close to the castle if the roads join there, but this is still the only way to beat the monsters. There are a few levels where multiple roads never intersect - in these you need to watch which road monsters will appear first, place your towers in spots where you can hit as many monsters as you can, and then with the money earned from them, you can buy the tower needed for the next flow on a different road.

Once I had most of the castle and magic upgrades, I started to go through the levels in fast mode getting all three stars on the first try.

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Re:tips and hints

[Post New]by Steamed on Feb 22, 15 2:16 PM
Good tips. Although, apparently working better for you than for me. In Hard Mode I got 3 stars until I got to the Wasteland. Really, I get so aggravated! Sometimes I go down in defeat. Oh the shame of it.

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