Level 30

[Post New]by BJeannieG on Nov 6, 14 8:44 PM
How do I get through level 30?

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Re:Level 30

[Post New]by annieliz1 on Nov 7, 14 2:21 AM
I cannot remember the whole thing but I know I started with two wood thingies, one food thingie and one house, then crossed the bridge and worked on from there, building a petrol station and upgrading where appropriate. That is probably not very helpful; I am currently battling with another level but will go back and play level 30 again if you are still struggling. I didn't find gold on this level particularly hard - you need to get your petrol stores up and get the helicopter moving asap.


Re:Level 30

[Post New]by SorryCharlie on Nov 25, 14 1:25 PM
I'm still stuck here. Any more advice?

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Re:Level 30

[Post New]by Pinkrollsroyce on Dec 1, 14 11:18 AM
Sorry this is so late, but it might help someone.

Build a Sawmill, House and Cafe. When you have enough wood repair the bridge to the right of basecamp and then build another cafe. Turn off the valve next to the bridge just repaired, repair the Police Sation, then repair the bridge blocking the Officer.

Remove the thief blocking the valve at the top and repair the bridge below the Station. Remove the thief below the bridge just repaired, build a house and turn off the valve nearby. Use the faster food token and once that runs out, demolish both cafes replacing them with gas stations (ensure that you also have enough wood to repair the helipad).

Remove the rock blocking the doctor and the one blocking the valve bottom left. Repair the hospital, heal the patient by the boulder. Turn off the valve and repair the Helipad. Remove the boulder, collect the dynamite and the fly faster token.

Rescue the people bottom left first. Demolish 1 or both sawmills and replace with gas station(s). Then concentrate on rescuing/healing the remaining people.

I've uploaded a video too, if that's of any help!

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