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Note to the devs re "start a new game"

[Post New]by sarah451 on Nov 7, 14 5:36 AM
That is a horrible option.
I was nearly through the game, made one wrong click when I came back in and lost all my progress. You didn't even have the courtesy to give me an "are you sure?" window before wiping me out, and you didn't save the old file anywhere for recovery that I can see.
That is Not a feature that will encourage me to buy your games in future.

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Re:Note to the devs re "start a new game"

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Nov 16, 14 6:10 AM
I feel like I've been seeing this feature more often lately, and
I definitely DO NOT like it. I just know one day I will do as
Sarah did and be knashing my teeth in frustration.

For years and years, if I wanted to start a new game, all I had
to do was change my profile. Simple. .

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Re:Note to the devs re "start a new game"

[Post New]by JulieJay on Nov 16, 14 8:48 AM
I'm a bit confused about this. I've gone in and out a few times just to check but each time I just clicked PLAY and went straight back in. Even if you click the NOT YOU it just gives you an option to play a different name (if you have more than one profile), create a new one or delete. How did you lose profile?

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